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NIMA Preaching Day 2018 : Preaching Evangelistically

Preaching Day 2018 Flyer (Preaching Evangelistically)


Photograph of Ian Garrett

Ian Garrett who is Senior Assistant Minister of Jesmond Parish, Newcastle-upon-Tyne, is going to be help us look at how we can keep an evangelistic edge in our preaching, aware that increasingly people are biblically illiterate and have consciously or subconsciously absorbed the secular values of our culture. Ian is not a full-time evangelist, but rather has been engaged in regular parish ministry and is therefore well placed to encourage all who are engaged in systematic exposition of Gods word, as we seek to present the challenge of that word to those who are not yet Christians.


At our Preaching Days we seek to focus on how to preach and teach a particular book of the Bible in a faithful manner and relevant way. We seek to encourage one another and hone our skills in portraying the message of a particular book to our listeners.

This year we are delighted to welcome Ian Garrett who will speak about Preaching Evangelistically.


A preaching conference models faithful and effective handling of the Bible and an opportunity in the workshops to help one another in this task.

Who for?

Preachers, church leaders, student ministers, apprentices.


Monday 14 May 2018


No recordings of the day are available.