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Speaker: Andy Gemmill is a member of 9:38 and is the Director of the Pastor's Training Course at The Tron and also teaches on the Cornhill Training Course (Scotland). Prior to this, he worked at St Helen‘s Bishopsgate in London, Spicer Street Independent Chapel in St Albans and Beeston Evangelical Free Church in Nottingham.

Where: Holywood Baptist Church
When: Monday 25 April 2016
Topic: Jonah (how to teach and preach Jonah), with workshop sessions available on James or Ecclesiastes

Audio recordings of all the sessions are now available to listen online or for free download. (To listen, just click on the link and your media player should play the recording, though you may have to wait until your computer has downloaded the file before it starts to play. On most browsers you will be able to download from the links below by right-clicking and selecting Save Link As... or Save Target As... .)

Download everything in a single zip file (27.7 MB)

Session 1: Jonah 1, Andy Gemmill
[00:44:39, listen/download 10.2 MB]

Session 2: Jonah 2, Andy Gemmill
[00:40:46, listen/download 9.33 MB]

Session 3: Jonah 4, Andy Gemmill
[00:40:49, listen/download 9.35 MB]

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