Northern Ireland Ministry Assembly

Equipping and Encouraging Preachers


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Audio recordings of the NIMA events:

  • 2008 NIMA (Peter Adam, Lelvin Tinker & John Woodside).
  • 2009 NIMA (Hugh Palmer & Voddie Baucham).
  • 2010 NIMA: HOLY RELEVANT—preaching and pursuing holiness in an unholy world (Titus; Bryan Chapell & Vaughan Roberts).
  • 2011 NIMA: The Urgent Preacher—preaching the gospel, building the church, changing the world! (Acts; Justin Mote & David Cook).
  • 2012 NIMA: The Truth that Transforms—Preaching Romans (Sinclair B. Ferguson & Edward Lobb).
  • 2013 NIMA: Suffering & Glory—Preaching Revelation (Douglas Kelly & John Stevens).
  • 2014 NIMA: Majoring on the Minors—Preaching the Minor Prophets (Mike Bullmore & Wallace Benn).
  • 2015 NIMA: Groaning Glory—The Preacher and Suffering (2 Timothy, Alistair Begg & Psalms, Paul Mallard).
  • 2016 Preaching Day: Jonah (Andy Gemmill).
  • 2016 NIMA: Saints and Sinners (1 Corinthians, Don Carson & Ian Hamilton).
  • 2017 Preaching Day: Malachi (Graham Beynon).
  • 2017 NIMA: Suffering and God's Sovereignty in the Life of Joseph (Colin Smith) and the Psalms (Christopher Ash).
  • 2018 NIMA: Servants of the Word: Preaching the Whole of Luke (William Taylor) and Tools for Preaching Luke (David Helm).
  • 2019 NIMA: Wise Faith for a Generation of Doubt: Ecclesiastes (Zack Eswine) and Job (Garry Williams).

On other sites

@ the Castle is a half-yearly, informal get-together for young Christian adults in Ireland, when we hear God speak to us through his word.

Cornhill Belfast is now offering places for the first course starting in the autumn. Details are available on their Web site.

The Gospel Coalition has a vast amount of audio and print resources on the Bible and preaching.

The Proclamation Trust provides a range of resouces for preachers, including some that can be downloaded free of charge.

Beginning With Moses provides biblical theology and preaching resources.

The Good Book Company provides carefully selected Christian books, Christian bible studies and resources to help churches and individuals grow in their understanding of the Christian faith.

Inter-Varsity Press supply Christian books, audio and video resources free of post and packing charges to UK addresses.