Northern Ireland Ministry Assembly

Equipping and Encouraging Preachers


The Northern Ireland Ministry Assembly (NIMA) commenced in 2006. The aim of our assembly is to encourage and help preachers to give themselves to the indispensable work of presenting the Lord Jesus Christ to believers and unbelievers, to all ages, and to all kinds of people. We want to encourage a fresh commitment to expository preaching that will fill our churches with a hunger for God and his Word and lead to a new desire for mission.

We look forward to welcoming delegates from far and near. We firmly believe that when the Bible is opened and taught faithfully and relevantly the voice of God is heard in a living and powerful way. We therefore seek to encourage those engaged in preaching to see the expounding of Scripture as the pressing need in today's church and help equip them in the exacting work involved in such a ministry. While the assembly, therefore, is mainly for those in current full-time preaching ministries, others are welcome, especially students and spouses of Christian workers

As well as the annual assembly the Steering Group are seeking other means by which they might encourage this task such as helping to support other conferences and running preaching conferences.

Forthcoming events

2018 NI Ministry Assembly

NIMA 2018 poster
Speakers: David Helm and William Taylor
When: Monday 12 & Tuesday 13 November 2018

Further details with postal booking form on this site

Online booking available now.

Luke tells us that he wanted to provide an orderly account of the life of Jesus that would help people be more certain of the good news of God's salvation. So how do we preach this Gospel as Luke intended? How does Luke organise his material? How does it all fit together? What’s this Gospel about? And what are the tools we need to preach it faithfully? David and William will feed and encourage us from God’s Word and equip us to be servants of this Word in our ministries.

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